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Healthy Profits, The Book:

Once Sandra began articulating her message, it became clear that workplace wellness was an increasing issue not only in lost organizational revenue but also in loss of employees health, productivity and work/life balance. The fast changing dynamics of todayís workplaces create increasing pressure, stress, and ever increasing performance expectations and demands. Todayís workplace is permeated with stressful influences.  These stresses are contributing to a plethora of illnesses.  And where full blown illness is not apparent, lethargy, depression, and sometimes anger is impacting people, profit and productivity.

Healthy Profits is a resource for people and businesses who are already working to address the problems and create healthier and more productive workplaces.  And itís a wake-up call for those who have not yet realized the challenges and opportunities of wellness in the workplace.

In our research we didn't find any other books addressing the issue of Wellness in the Workplace head on.  Healthy Profits is the result of wellness experts coming together to raise their voices who about the issues and to point the way to proven and emergent solutions.

The Purpose:

Healthy Profits provides adults with concise information to strengthen and develop the social, intellectual, physical, emotional and occupational areas of their lives.  Subject matter experts from a broad range of disciplines and practices contribute chapters organized under the five key theme areas.


Healthy Profits:

  1. Provides adults with short informational chapters to strengthen and develop the social, intellectual, physical, emotional and occupational areas of employees in corporate life.

  2. Includes case studies of companies that are using a formal corporate wellness program and those who are would like to begin one. Relate these findings back to the continued profitability of the company and their effect on productivity, morale, retention and loyalty the organization mission and vision.

  3. Provides healthy related resource material to increase or renew reader knowledge.

  4. Continues to inspire and introduce new concepts that will motivate readers to make continual changes to lifestyles and patterns.

  5. Each Section Include assessments enabling readers to recognize their varying states of wellness in the five strategic areas.